About Us

    The Alaska Mountaineer Youth Development Program is a year round Organization serving more than 80-90 girls and boys annually who live primarily in the Mt
    View, Fairview, Muldoon and Russian Jack communities of Anchorage, Alaska.  Using sports to connect with youth as a way of encouraging and achieving
    excellence in academics is not unique.  Developing personal goals, sound moral standards, providing an extended family to assist with social growth in becoming
    valuable contributors of their community is.  Therefore, encouraging student-athletes to become a student of the classroom first and a student of sports second

    Founded in 1999, the original (Mt View) Mountaineers began in partnership with the Mt View Boys & Girls Club, as a community based program.  Giving
    neighborhood youth the same basic elements for athletic growth and in arts as youth in surrounding communities were accustomed to.  The program, not large,
    focused on a diverse community of at risk youth  wanting to compete competitively and recreationaly in basketball, volleyball, baseball, dance and chess.

    In June 1999, the Boys & Girls Club moved into its new facility, the Mt View Community Center.  Here the partnership grew stronger by utilizing the gym, multi-
    purpose room and teen room to expand exposure and program focus to all youth.  It was in this facility the Mountaineer program became a force in Anchorage
    communities and throughout the state of Alaska.  While youth development programs have come and gone, some were instituting goals other than those focused
    on the student-athlete and non-athlete while others' were gender specific.  The Alaska Mountaineer Youth Development & Sports program will continue to meet
    the needs of youth in the community by providing year round academic support, social encouragement, quality coaching, top-level competition and developmental
    skills for youth in elementary through high school and beyond.
    AAU provides excess medical insurance for any student-athlete participating in an AAU-sanctioned practice or event.  If the student-athlete has
    other medical coverage, that coverage will be applied first, followed by the AAU insurance.  If the student-athlete has no other coverage, the AAU
    policy becomes primary subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.  There is a deductible fee and claims must be submitted within thirty
    (30) days of the incident.
Our Mission
    To provide year-round opportunities for student-athletes and non-athletes to grow socially in character, healthy, active and empowered to
    make positive life choices in becoming responsible and productive citizens.