Parent Volunteer Opportunities

    Stats are important when developing players.  Possibly two stat keepers per game

    Anyone who knows CPR and/or has a basic background in First Aid is welcome to volunteer for this position

    Team Videographer
    Taping games are an exceptional tool for coaches to determine improvement needs

    Team Photographer
    Action and still shots are great for historical value and web posting

    Team Parent
    Someone to coordinate and keep other parents in the loop.  Working with the other Mountaineer teams to plan fund raisers.  Each team should have
    one parent designated for such a position

    Solicit Donations
    As a parent you may know someone willing to donate money, gifts, in-kind donations, supplies, water, etc.  Don't be shy - ask!

    Numerous committees need your help that are not just limited to the listed above - such as grant writing, tournament coordinator, education or