Alaska Mountaineer Youth Development Program
    Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

    The PAC is composed of parents/guardians whose student-athlete or non-athlete participates in the
    Alaska Mountaineer Youth Development Program.

    PAC Commitment:
    Attend monthly meetings
    Schedule meetings and plan special events for the year
    Review program operations based on Parent & Program Evaluations

    Membership in the PAC will consist of:
    Parents of a student-athlete and non-athletes enrolled in a Alaska Mountaineer Youth Development Program.
    Term of one (1) year for elected officials.
    Recruitment of new student/athletes annually
    The CEO and/or designated representative

    Recruitment will be as follows:
    The PAC Chairperson and/or designee may contact parents
    Set-up recruitment tables at events as volunteer and community service fairs
    Be an advocate for current and new parents joining the program

    The PAC will:
    Organize and develop fundraising activities.
    Serve as a channel for relaying parent suggestions
    Review and suggest improvements to program.  Review will be done in July of each year.
    Help develop additional service partners for sustainability
    Assist in the development of surveys and the interpretation of their results
    Organize special events for the organization, such as an End-Of-Season Party, Family Day, or Parent Night
    Help market the organization through the Website, personal contacts, flyers and media.
    Recognize volunteers through recognition and appreciation.