Parent Information         

    The Alaska Mountaineer Youth Development & Sports Program is a non-profit organization and its fees are a direct reflection of the operational
    costs for player academic and athletic skill development.  In order operate and avoid financial shortfalls please pay fees upon request.

    Membership Fees
    The Alaska Mountaineer Youth Development & Sports Program requires all student athletes to register as an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) member ($14.00).  This will provide secondary
    accident medical insurance for the player.  Head coaches, assistant coaches and bench personnel must also purchase an AAU membership card ($16.00).  Upon receipt of required
    information and fee we will register and deliver the card(s) to each member.

    Registering as an AAU member provides excess medical insurance for any student athlete and coach participating in an AAU sanctioned practice or event.  If the student athlete or coach
    primary medical coverage will be applied first, followed by the AAU insurance.  If no other coverage is available, the AAU policy becomes primary subject to the terms and conditions of the
    policy.  There is a deductible fee and claims must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the injury or accident.

    Team Fees
    Team fee ($75) is required prior to the start of the Comp League season.  This will cover warm-up pants, warmup shirts, shooter shirt and carry bag.  Player names will not be put on the
    uniforms but may be added the warm-ups and/or shooter shirt.

    League Fees
    League fees will vary depending on the league (i.e. YMCA, ACS, etc).  Fees will be determined by dividing the total number of players on the team (Example: $2200/team fee divided by 10
    players = $220/player).  Most league fees include player uniform. League fees must be collected at least 30 days prior to league start date

    Tournament Fees
    Tournament fees are determined by entry fee, hotel (if necessary), transportation and coaches expense.  These fees are added and divided by the number of players traveling to arrive at a
    cost per player.  Parents are encouraged to make arrangements to lodge and travel together as a team.  Most tournament directors will provide a recommended list of hotels and motels that
    usually provide rooms at reduced rates and allow up to 4 people per room.  Tournament fees will be collected at intervals pending advance notice of trip and tournament start date.

    Fund Raiser
    Each team must plan their own fund raiser to offset team expenses.  Each player will be required to participate in their team fund raiser.  Fund raisers will consist of such things as candy
    sales, car washes and other events or monetary donations. All fund raisers must be in writing, to the Director of Operations, no less than two weeks prior to the event.

    For this program to be successful, the rules of this handbook must be followed and enforced.  Parents and athletes are expected to present themselves in a courteous and polite manner to
    everyone they encounter.  Representing the highest level of sportsmanship-like conduct.

    Our program is dedicated to treating all athletes and non-athletes fairly and giving every individual an opportunity to improve the many skills associated with life and sport.  It is important that
    everyone involved understands that each if us is willing to make this commitment in order for the athlete and non-athlete to be the best they can be.  If a player participates in another sports
    program outside this program, this program must come first. If an athlete misses practice for an unexcused reason, he/she will not start the next game.  This does not mean he/she will not

    Participation in the Alaska Mountaineer Youth Development & Sports Program requires, time, effort and some financial responsibilities, but we feel it is well worth the investment.  We are a
    non-profit organization that provides a unique opportunity for all that participate and feel that the development and the experiences received will be beneficial.

    Each year we evaluate a large number of athletes.  Some players have extensive playing backgrounds, while others do not.  Players are evaluated on skill execution such as ball-handling,
    shooting, etc.  Competitive level players are judged on the following criteria:  athletic ability, work ethic, drive, coach-ability, competitive attitude, skill ability and overall potential.  What it all
    boils down to is whether or not a player can compete at a competitive level and still enjoy the sport, if this is not the case the player will be able to compete in the Mountaineer program at the
    recreational level.  This will complement their abilities, maximize their love for the game and pace their development.

    It is important to note that every player is evaluated each year and it is each player's responsibility to come into the tryout ready to make a team in our program.  Players should never assume
    they will automatically be on a specific team because they were on it the previous year.  Players are put on teams because of what they have shown at tryouts.

    Select teams (travel teams) will be selected differently - in order to maximize the level of talent.

    Anyone who has a serious medical condition should let it be known prior to the start of the tryout and the regular season.  It should be noted that if a player is injured or is sitting out of
    practices due to an injury or illness, they must have a doctor's release before they will be allowed to practice or participate again on a regular basis.

    Club sports can teach many positive traits, such as the spirit of cooperation, self-discipline and regard for physical fitness.  We ask that parents refrain from criticism of players, other
    parents, other teams/players or officials.  We also ask parents to refrain themselves from coaching players at practices or games unless authorized to do so.  Please leave coaching to
    the coaches.  We also ask that parents refrain from talking to the officials, during or after games in relation to your child, your child's team or the opposing player's or team.

    Team discipline is extremely important.  Breaking team rules will have consequences.  We do not anticipate major disciplinary problems however, consequences might include limited
    playing time, extra conditioning for the individual and/or dismissal from the team

    In our spectator enthusiasm, we are often prone to issue instructions to the players that are contrary to those of the coach; this only causes player confusion. Please encourage your youth
    to follow their coaches instructions and leave the coaching to the coaches!!

    Parents need to align themselves with the coach in teaching their son or daughter how to cope with the natural frustrations of being a member of a team.  Sports provides an excellent
    opportunity to teach youth about realities of competitive situations.  They must be taught how to be a cooperative team member, how to make use of both positive and negative feedback, how
    to cope with adversity, how to achieve mental toughness and how to be a gracious winner and loser.  Some athletes will play more than others!  These decisions are entirely at the coaches
    discretion, the coaches are under no obligation to explain their decisions and will not discuss playing time before, during or after a game.

    When a player has a problem with the coach, parents have the responsibility of teaching the steps to remedy the situation.  The following steps should be taken if a player has a grievance
    with the coach:

    STEP ONE: The player should discuss the problem/concern with the coach and try to arrive at a solution to the problem AT PRACTICE. If not resolved then.....

    STEP TWO: The parent should call the coach and setup a time for the player, parent and coaches to meet and arrive at a solution.

                                                                                                             UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES
                                                     is a parent to approach a coach with a complaint or an evaluation of coaching philosophy
                                                                                                       BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER A GAME.

    The parents and families of our players have been very supportive in the past and we hope that support will continue to grow each year.  We hope that parents will support their youth by
    attending their games and tournaments while giving positive encouragement.

    The Alaska Mountaineer Youth Development & Sports Program is committed to exercising good sportsmanship.  Our program philosophy is that our athletes represent their team in a
    positive and respectful manner.  We also would not want spectators to embarrass our players or this Program with inappropriate behavior.  The code of conduct expects the following from
    families and spectators.

    * Absolutely no foul language
    * Parent are asked to cheer in a positive manner - not against opponents in a negative manner.
    * Show respect to those around you
    * Support your coaches and staff
    * Refrain from harassing referees and/or event staff

    If a situation with a parent were to arise, our coaches will encourage that player to sit with his/her parent/guardian to help them conduct themselves in a manner fitting to our guidelines.

    The most discouraging thing to see in a gym is unsportsmanlike behavior from a player,  spectator/parent or coach.  Please set a great example for your son or daughter by being a good
    sport in the stands!

    Select team players and teams will travel out-of-town and out-of-state to compete against other regional and national competition

    We strongly encourage parents to travel with their player to overnight tournaments.  If this is not possible players not traveling with a parent will be supervised by the coach or a
    designated person.

    First and foremost, it is important to remember that each player and parent represents the Alaska Mountaineer Youth Development Program when we play locally, in tournaments and when
    we travel.  

                                                                 TRAVEL TEAM IS A RESPECTED PRIVILEGE - TRAVEL RULES WILL BE FOLLOWED