Student Athlete/Non-Student Athlete Contract
    This contract relates to me as a Student Athlete/Non-Student Athlete – responsible and respectful in my own personal beliefs and those of others,
    responsible for my actions towards my family and at home, as a student – responsible for my educational endeavors and behavior in school, as a
    young/growing adult – responsible for my conduct in the community, as an athlete – responsible to my team, team concept and leadership.     

    As a Alaska Mountaineer Youth Development & Sports Program member I want to be active in a leadership program that promotes education,
    physical fitness, skill development for the student athlete and the non-athlete.  

    I understand that there may be regularly attended homework and practice sessions established for those needing help with homework or to learn
    about sport and fitness.

    I understand that I am encouraged to volunteer my serves in order to help my teammates or to expand the knowledge of other sport club members
    through academics and my own learned leadership skills.

    What grade? _____________                        School attending _____________________

    Three words that describe me: __________________, __________________, _________________

    What clubs, activities, groups, etc. have I been involved with in the last two years?

    If I could change one thing in my life it would be. _______________________________________________________________

    Five (5) things I care about. __________, ____________, ____________, _____________, ____________

    Five (5) things I don’t care about. __________, ____________, ____________, _____________, ____________

    The name of my closest friend(s) is/are. _______________________________________

    If I could describe my life in the next five (5) years in my own words it would look like this; ___________________________________________



    _________________________                        ___________________________________
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